Sunday, 27 July 2008

Harnam Meddows

It was Friday evening and time for my usual walk through the Harnam Meddows. I saw quite a few Black headed Gulls flying past in the afternoon towards the cathedral an was hoping that i can get some decent shots. Walked through the waterlne and entered the went up to the river. Did not find the gulls. Waite for about half hour and hen decided to take a walk up to the old mill hotel. No luck. Still wanted to see the gulls ad traced my step back to the back of the river. Spotted three of them buy the river and slowly settled down with my camera fixed on my tripod. The gulls played and splashed in the water - manage some good shots, It was a god evening and returned home after 3 hrs

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Harnam Meddows - Black Headed Gull

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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

A visit to paradise of the winged visitors

Wildfowl & Wetland Trust - Washington Newcastle Uk - July 11th -14th 2008

This is one of the most exciting birding trips i have ever had outside India. This place is a real paradse for not only birders but also for one who loves nature. Would love to pay visit again.

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Friday, 11 July 2008

Shot of the Day

After giving me some decent shots, the bird did not stop and wanted to show off. It came out of the foliage onto the open branch. It seemed as though the bird was saying to me' Not satisfied with my earlier poses? Here is my final stance before i go and attend to my work.

I am extremely satisfied with today's shoot. Indeed by favourite bird is turing out to be ''The bird of the Month'

Forgot to mention this. Saw a domesticated Lama. Did not know they were also reared along with the sheeps' in this country.
I am off tomorrow to visit the two bird sanctuaries in-and around Newcastle. Hoping to see more of these beauties.

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More Poses

Want to take pictures of me. Goahead

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Thursday, 10 July 2008

Long Tailed Tit

Salisbury gained a new look after two days of gloomy weather - Rain, wind and cloud. The sun came out at 2:00p.m today and was shining briliantly. The rain had washed the haze out of the atmosphere and the sky was blue. Came back from office , grabbed my camera and took my usual trail hoping to get some good shots. After 15-20 min on the trail I could hear my favourite bird 'The Long Tailed Tit'. There were a colony of them playing in the bushes. I waited in anticipation that one of them will come out in the open. Here he ca me.

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Robin - Robin Erithacus rubecula

The red breast makes identification easy but it can be told even in silhouette , by its plump shape, upright stance and habit of making abrupt movements. These birds sing throughout the year because they will occupy thier own territory during the winter.In order to defend their winter territories, the females have to sing and display just like males do.

Indeed a delight to watch.

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Tuesday, 8 July 2008


The sun came out for a brief period and was shining on this bird. The rich black colour contrasted by the white beak and red eyes was a absolute delight to watch.
Cropped this image to to get a portrait.

Have some travelling to do during the week.Work related off-course!. Carrying my camera along. Let's see if i can spot any more of these beauties .
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Long-tailed Tit

All of you would have seen and enjoyed the image featured under the caption "Image of the Month" I had little difficulty in identifying this bird since it was juvenile. Thanks to Pete for his help in identification - It is the "Long-tailed Tit" - Aegithalos caudatus(Scientific Name)

It is an absolute delight to watch these birds as they are mostly in groups swinging through the trees in tight noisy groups. Their appearance is like a tiny, fluffy ball with a great long black and white tail. Seen common during winters in woods and gardens.

These birds have a peculiar behaviour- They use their call to keep the flock together if one bird gets separated from the rest of the flock, the others will double-back to 'rescue' it.

Longing to get a photograph of the adult.

Image of the Month

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Wood Pigeon

Thanks to ARVE for his comments. I did not upload

this image yesterday. Here it comes

Mute Swan

The light was fading fast, A black rain cloud was fast covering the sky
.The sun light was a glowing yellow. I was sitting by the riverside and reviewing my not so very good shoot. This bird was happily wading across the water at its leisure. The light just enough to get a fairly decent shot.
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Wood Pegion

Had always wanted to take flight shots of birds.Having gone out shooting on a day which was far from ideal for such shots. Happen to see two wood pegions perch near me. All of a sudden they started to fly attacking/playing with each other on flight. I raised my camera and managed to get somewhat ok images.
I have taken a few other shots of these birds earlier all perched on a branch.